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Dispatch: 5:00 AM - 4:30 PM (M-F)
Building Material Store: 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM (M-F)

The History of Cadman

In 1936, Columbia Lumber Company sold their Redmond gravel pit to Mr. Horace Cadman. The Cadman Gravel Company soon began supplying product to local farmers, timber crews for logging roads, and an occasional railroad or highway project.

In 1946, after Horace passed away, the land and operation were purchased from Mr. Cadman’s widow by one of his employees, Tor Magnussen, with financial assistance from his brother-in-law, Clarence Breedman. Cadman Gravel Company experienced slow but steady growth in a small-town rural setting.

Around 1963, Tor and Clarence decided they needed to expand the operation in order to meet the needs of a growing community. They sold a portion of their Cadman stock to eight outside investors in order to generate some working capital for equipment and to purchase some adjoining land known as the Gun Club. Over the years, several family members worked for operation, including Tor’s son, Jon Magnussen and son-in-law, Paul Taylor. When Tor’s health began to fail, Jon and Paul took over the management of Cadman. After Tor passed away in 1985, Jon and Paul bought back all of the outstanding stock from what had grown into 31 stockholders. This had increased from the original 8 other family members.

Over the next three to four year period, Paul and Jon expanded Cadman by purchasing some of their competitors’ operations.

1984 Industrial Rock (High Rock location)
1986 Valley Concrete (which included the Mill Creek plant) Fred Meyer in Monroe now sits on the former Cadman Concrete site.
1987 Connelly Sand & Gravel (Sky River location)
1989 Flintstone Sand & Gravel (Black Diamond location)

In 1990, Paul and Jon completed a transaction with Lakeside Industries that conveyed the ready-mix assets of the former Lakeside Sand & Gravel Company (Issaquah & Bellevue sites) to Cadman.

On January 1, 1991, Paul Taylor sold Cadman to CBR (A Belgian cement company). The Seattle plant (Ocean Construction Supplies) name was changed to Cadman shortly thereafter. In 1995, CBR was purchased by Heidelberg Cement Co. 1996 was a transition year for CBR to Lehigh-HCI. Today Cadman is part of the Lehigh Hanson family of companies.

Cadman employs 219 people in Black Diamond, Issaquah, Mill Creek, Monroe, North Bend, Redmond, Seattle, and Gold Bar. It makes us all proud to work for a company with such a strong local history.

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