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ColorMix ™ Custom Mix

Cadman Lab Systems™ is our line of "branded" concrete mixes. They are custom, all inclusive mixes, each of which is designed for a specific purpose. These mixes are designed for easier placement, pumpability, and cost savings.

A superior integral concrete coloring system that provides the following benefits:
  • Concrete mix specifically designed for color consistency load to load.
  • Incorporates Fly Ash which improves workability and reduces efflorescence (whitening) and water demand.
  • Low water/cement ratio which means reduction in shrinkage and cracking.
  • Designed at a 5" +/- 1" slump to improve workability.
  • Available in 3/8" pea gravel for maximum ease in placing and pumping.
  • Twenty popular Northwest colors available locally.
  • State of the art liquid color metering system ensures consistency for weighting, blending and conveying colors into a ready mix truck.
  • Improves freeze/thaw resistance, strength and durability.

Cadman's intergrated ColorMix™ enhances the beauty of your project and increases property value. Our ColorMix™ combines contemporary looks with timeless style. The twenty color mixes offered were selected by historical tracking of the most popular colors sold in the Northwest.

ColorMix™ is integrated throughout the pour so it will not fade. In addition, ColorMix™ combined with Architectural Concrete allowes a choice of stamped and textured finishes that create unique and attractive options for you. ColorMix™ can also be enhanced with matching color curing sealants.

ColorMix™ Color Chart

Plan Ahead...
  • Requires Custom Order
  • Must be ordered in whole yards
  • 3-yard minimum
  • Colors shown approximate the color of broom-finished concrete flatwork made with medium-gray cement. To insure uniform color all concrete needs to be cured following ACI 318 guidelines. Concrete color is altered by many factors including the addition of water, lack or inconsistent curing, and inconsistent finishing. Representative samples should be cast for approval, especially when exact color matching is important, when special finishes are specified, or when placing vertical concrete. Concrete should be batched and placed in accordance with Cadman's ColorMix™ Installation Tips.
  • These colors have been optimized for web viewing and are not recommended for printing or to be used for final determination of color. Please visit our store to view poured samples which provide better color representation.

ColorMix™ Design Varieties

Broom Finished

  • Specifically designed for broom finished concrete. Incorporates 3/4" top size coarse aggregate and air entrainment for improved surface wear and durability.
  • 3/8" Exposed Aggregate
  • Designed with popular 3/8" top size aggregate for consistent, uniform, and attractive exposed finishes.
  • Architectural Concrete (Stamped)
  • 3/8" top size aggregate and sand blended for stamped or textured concrete. Designed at a 5" slump for improved consolidation and placing.

ColorMix™ Installation Tips

Flatwork and Floors

  • Place concrete on a well-drained, damp subgrade that has adequate & uniform load-bearing characteristics.
  • Grade the subgrade so that the concrete is of uniform thickness and properly sloped for drainage.

Concrete Installation

  • Protect surrounding areas, landscaping, & adjacent surfaces.
  • Consolidate well & spade the concrete adjacent to the forms.
  • Vibrate or tamp and screed the concrete, then float it to the specified finished grade, flatness & desired level.


  • Texture all surfaces adequately and uniformly for slip resistance. Keep the slump consistent from load to load.
  • For most exterior installations, apply a broom, rotary, swirl, sponge-float, sandblasted, or aggregate finish.
  • After placing, finish all surfaces within a reasonable time frame.
  • Finish the edges first and then, do all final hand-finishing in the same direction.

Curing and Finish Coating

  • Follow ACI 318 guidelines for curing. Colored sealers are available at Cadman to cure exterior color-conditioned flatwork that will be allowed to weather naturally or that will only receive occasional maintenance and recoating. An optional thin finish coat may be applied if desired.
  • Apply the cure or finish coat by airless sprayer at the rate of 300-400 ft2/gal (7-10 m2/L). When the concrete is hard enough to walk on gently, without marring, surface moisture has evaporated & no condensation can occur.
  • Protect the coated surfaces from damage by other trades and traffic. Thoroughly inspect all flatwork to verify and approve installation, safety, and wet/dry slip resistance prior to opening the area to traffic.

Joint Sealing

  • Seal all joints in areas subject to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic and areas which are frequently or continuously immersed in water.

Vertical Applications

  • Protect the surrounding areas and landscaping from damage and staining.
  • Keep the slump consistent from load to load.

Cast-In-Place Concrete

  • Unless a form liner has been specified, use a resin-coated high-density-overlay, epoxy-coated, urethane-coated, or urethane-coated plywood.
  • Use non-leaking snap-tie cones. Clean, then tape or seal all joints to prevent leakage.
  • Cast all walls in a continuous pour to their full height between engineered horizontal joints.
  • When possible use both external and internal vibrators/consolidators.
  • Strip all forms when the concrete is the same age.
  • Sufficiently sandblast all surfaces to remove marks and colored residue.

Tilt-Up Concrete

  • Use a casting slab of adequate strength to support the panels and the crane.
  • Trowel the casting surface until it is level, flat, and even.
  • Coat the casting surface with a non-staining, surface-sealing release agent.
  • Vibrate the concrete evenly, using stubby vibrators approximately 4 inches (100mm) in length.
  • After lifting, sandblast the outside surfaces to remove release agents and curing compounds.

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